Todke Hill Trek | Perfect Trekking Destination in Nepal

Todke, The Virgin ‘Hill’ overlooking the picturesque destination Dhaulagiri and the Annapurna Ice Range, situated at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. Todke Hill trek is the perfect short term trekking destination in Nepal.

while on the Todke Hill trek, there we can see a good view of the 16 snow peaks of the Dhaulagiri-Annapurna snowflakes can be seen in the eyes. Apart from the mountain views, the edge of Kali Gandaki, Myagdi and Raghuganga river and out of the 45 places of that district people can see 36 places from the Todke hill.

Todke hill can be accessed through Purna Gau, Bakhets, and Jhi villages. The unpitched motorway is connected to all the settlements or villages.  which can be reached in two hours by jeep or private vehicles. For those interested in cycling from Beni to the tourist destination Todke, from Arthunge, Toripani, Patalekhet, Bakhet, and stay at night and return to Beni Bazaar from the way of Purnagau, Khunhu, Tarakhet, Tatopani, Tharkhet, and Tathahent. Todke Hill is located at the entrance to the Dhaulagiri Century trekking way.

“for Short-term travel,  Todke Hill is the perfect destination for tourists who want to have a panoramic view and travel,” said Baburam Acharya, chair of the Todke Tourism Development Committee, adding that the future of tourism, which is being built on millions of investments to bring internal and foreign tourists in future. the infrastructures are in the process like a motorway, Hotels, Resorts, etc.

Todke Hill

Today, a fully-functioning resort is under construction at a cost of 30 million Nepali rupees. Accommodation can also be done in nearby Bakhet, Jhin, and Purnagaun. Trained locals welcome home-based food and tourism by offering traditional organic food.

The locals have also arranged for a tourist who likes to live in tents in a square apart from the house. there is a lot of the firewood is available in Todke, so Todke  is more suitable for tourists interested in ‘campfire’.

Wildlife and birds, including deer, Ghoral, monkeys, leopards, Kalees, Phatrash, can be observed in the Todke. There is an Ashram, a branch of ‘Pyuthan Swargadwari’, the pilgrimage place of Hindus at Todke hill.

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