Places to visit in Kathmandu | the city of Tamples

Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is the second-largest  Metropolitan City in the term of the area after Pokhara and Largest city of Nepal. it has more than 4 million population and the most spoken language is Nepali and Newari. Kathmandu is also known as the city of the temple Because there are more than 3000 small and big temples in Kathmandu city. most of the temples are made in Pagoda design. The famous temple Pashupatinath, Shyambhunath, BuddhaNath also lies in Kathmandu valley. Kathmandu is a beautiful valley in southeast Asia. this city is surrounded by green hills and mountains, and  Kathmandu is the gateway of Himalaya. there are many places to visit in Kathmandu city, such as Thamel, Pashupati Nath, Godawari, Chandragiri Hills, etc.

This is the Best tourism place because it has many historical, rituals, arts, and cultural places. This valley is approximately 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) high from the sea level. After the Nepalese republic established in 2008; this city is part of Province No. 3 in Nepalese administrative geography. It is also the home of the Newari peoples. it has a mixed culture of Hinduism, Buddhism and other many different religions and they are celebrating many festivals together.

most of the historical places were damaged by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on 25 April 2015. Now many things have been restored and some are in the process of reconstruction. Many cultural and historical places to visit in Kathmandu are under construction.

the places to visit in Kathmandu city are as follow;

  • Thamel
  • Pashupati Nath Temple
  • Shyambhu Nath Stupa
  • Bauddha Nath
  • Chandragiri Hills
  • Godawari
  • Kathmandu valley Fun Park
  • Narayanhiti Palace (Museum)
  • National Zoo of Nepal
  • white Gumba


Thamel is the heart of Kathmandu city and crowd area in Kathmandu. it is the main tourist spots and tourist hub in Nepal. Thamel is famous for arts and handicraft. This is the only nightlife zone in Nepal. Thamel has very narrow streets but it seems attractive. The famous park Garden of Dreams also lies in Thamel.

Thamel has many traditional and continental restaurants with many different foods and facilities. There are many bars and clubs in Thamel. People can do Spa, natural therapy, dry massage, oil massage, etc in Thamel. Thamel is the main place to buy trekking gears and Handicrafts.


Pashupati Nath Temple

Pashupati Nath temple


Pashupati Nath temple is one of the famous temples in the world. this is the main spiritual and Faith of Hindu peoples. This is one of the four most important religious sites in Asia for devotees of Shiva. Many devotees of Lord Shiva from many countries are visited Pashupatinath temple.

Pashupatinath temple was built in the fifth century and rebuilt by Malla king. this is the old temple which was made in Pagoda design. this temple has four silver doors and every door has different cultural importance. Pashupati area is also famous for that place where the dead body of people will burn in the edge of the Bagmati River. Some years ago the Pashupati Nath temple was more polluted because of the Burned fire of Dead bodies. But nowadays the government of Nepal established an electronic machine to burn dead bodies, so now not much polluted like before.

Shyambhu Nath Stupa

Shyambhu Nath Stupa is the famous religious and cultural destination of Kathmandu Nepal. This temple is famous among the Hindu and Buddhist. This Stupa is located in the Shyambhu Hill in the middle of Kathmandu. Shyambhu stupa is visible from all sides of the Kathmandu valley. it was founded by king Varsadev (the grandfather of Manadev), about the beginning of the 5th century. The temple was made with 20 kg of gold.

There are many small temples and stupas in the Shyambhu Nath area. in the entrance gate of Shyambhunath, there is some Big statue of Gautam Buddha, King Suddodan and Maya-Devi. In the main stupa of Shyambhu Nath, there are two eyes, which are known as the eyes of Lord Buddha.

Boudha Nath

The Boudha Nath Stupa is a famous tourist in Kathmandu Nepal. Bauddha Nath Stupa is the holiest Tibetan Buddhist temple outside of Tibet. This Stupa is located in Baudha of Kathmandu city. This Bauddha stupa is built in the 14th century. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site from 1979.

What to See at Boudhanath Stupa

  • Visit Boudha Stupa
  • Kapan monastery
  • La Casita de Boudhanath
  • Buddha Jayanti (Saga Dawa)
  • White Dzambala Tibetan Restaurant
  • Ka-Nying Sheldrup Ling Gompa
  • Double Dorjee Restaurant
  • Shechen Gompa

Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hills is one of the best places to short term travel in Nepal at the height of 2547 meters above from the sea level. This destination is  21 kilometers far from The Tribhuvan International Airport and 7 kilometers away from Thankot. from 2015 this Chandragiri Hills is being the best place to visit in Nepal. This hill gets many awards from many national and international companies as a best to visit in the year. The program of the 14th anniversary of ‘international hospitality and Travel’  held in New Delhi India was awarded Chandragiri Hills as a top best destination in Nepal.

from this hill, people can see the  Kathmandu valley, Annapurna range,  Mt.Everest and more famous place of Nepal. According to the history of Nepal, once the former king of Gorkha ‘ Prithivi Narayan Shaha ‘ had gone to visit Nuwakot. when he was in the Chandragiri Hills he saw a beautiful valley of Kritipur . when he saw the valley he thought about to attack Kathmandu valley and make it under him. so by this history, I’m going to inform you that you can see the beautiful views of the whole Kathmandu valley.


To go to the Chandragiri hill you need to ride on Cabel Car for 10 minutes inside the cloud in the sky. almost time There are Fog and clouds at the top of the hills. there also have a motorway to go to the hill but it is not open for tourists. At the top of the Chandragiri hills, there is a great temple of Lord Shiva ‘Bhaleshwor temple’.

Places to visit in Kathmandu

The attraction of Chandragiri Hills

  • Cabel Car
  • View Tower
  • Children’s Park
  • Chandragiri shopping
  • Horse Ride
  • Chandragiri Hills resort


Out of the Places to visit in Kathmandu, Godawari is one of the best places to visit. It is one of the favorite places for a picnic, trekking, and hiking. this place is located in the Godawari municipality in Lalitpur District in Province No. 3 of Nepal. in 2014 government merged some Village Development Committees including Godawari to create Godawari Municipality in Lalitpur Nepal.

Godawari is famous for wildlife and splendid environment, botanical garden.”Phulchowki” which is is located in Godawari. Phulchoki is the highest peak in Kathmandu valley.

the attraction of Godawari
  • wildlife
  • splendid environment
  • botanical garden
  • Phulchoki hills

Kathmandu valley Fun Park

Kathmandu valley Fun Park is the Best Place to visit in Kathmandu for children and young people. This is a fun park with many different games to make mind fresh. This Kathmandu valley Fun Park is located in the Bhrikuti Mandap Kathmandu.  People can play many games like Swinging on the Columbus, play in The ferries-wheel, boating in a pound, mini-train, child-train (takes you around the park), boats, free-jump, skates, swings, basketball, horse ring, etc. the friendly cartoon characters walking along the park has become major attractions for children for taking photographs with them

Narayanhiti Palace (Museum)

Narayanhiti Palace Museum is the former royal palace in Kathmandu. with the ens of royal rules in 2008, the Narayanhiti Palace is opened for public. in the museum, people can see many historical things about Nepal. inside the museum, there are 75 rooms for 75 districts of Nepal. each room expresses the differents culture of different districts. this Narayanhiti Palace Museum shows the lifestyles of the Royal family in Nepal.


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