Kumbhakarna Mountain (7,710m) Expedition

Kumbhakarna Mountain

Height: 7710m. (25,300 ft)
Latitude: 27º 40’ 58”. N  
Longitude: 86º 02’ 45”. E
Trip Duration: 40Days
Normal Ascent Route: Normal route.
Grade: Mountaineering
Caravan Route: Ktm.-Biratnagar-Taplejung-Ilam-Tseram-Kumbhakarna Mountain


Ahead of the service site of Taplejung district (5,900 meters high) the glacier, Kumbakarna Mountain appeared, which stands at an altitude of 7,710 meters. The Kirati peoples called  “Faktanglung”. The Kumbakarna Mountain lies in  Falatanglung-6 Lelep in Taplejung district

Kumbhakarna Mountain’s circular-shaped head can be viewed with pleasure. Because of the stand with Kanchangangha mountain and its shape also same as Kanchanjangha, many people confused. In comparison to Kanchanjha, the peak is 876 meters shorter. The fog will play hide and seek with the mountains. Sometimes it covers the whole, sometimes leaves.

Sometimes the flying fog brings rain and sometimes snow rain. Kumbhakarna has been a tourist destination in the past. Foreign tourists travel to Kanchanjha via the Himalayan foothills. This area, which is becoming increasingly windy and difficult to live for a long time, is now being developed as a religious tourism area. The importance of this Kumbhakarna mountain has increased because of the Kirat guru’s Atma Nanda Linden had to stay there for 6 days.

This year there was a call for special service from November 7 to 9. According to Himali Chungda, a tourist entrepreneur said this is the first time that domestic tourists have come in such large numbers. When the monsoon is over, they start forming teams in the philosophy of Faktanglung. Since it is raining, each bag is packed with plastic. You need an umbrella and extra plastic.

Kumbhakarna Mountain


The highest risk here is in the cold near the settlement of Lalep Khumbachen. It is difficult to manage because foreign tourists to come and serve as it is difficult to accommodate the domestic tourists.

There are only half a dozen houses here. That is why pilgrims have the heaviest clothing. On the journey so far, everyone is carrying bags in big bags. Those who pass through the village carry the Dhakar. Pilgrims have everything from worshiping material, tents, and food in their bags. Because of the changing times and commuters prefer to travel empty, there is a high demand for hotels and lodge.

The journey from here begins at Larumba in Ilam. The pilgrims begin the journey with the blessings of the religious leader Linden. It takes 22 days to reach Faktanglung and return by walking. By Bus, the journey from Taplejung to Fungling is completed in a week.


From the headquarters to Ranipul of Tapethok, the bus runs. The fare from Fungling is Rs.700. This place is called Paraumfuku, Marumfuku by Kirats. It means the father god and goddess. Bahadur Palungwa, the leader of the Kirat religion, said that Faktalung would be considered as the patriarchal monastery.

According to him, the existence of Kirat religious people is linked to Faktanglung. Once in life, it is necessary to reach for worship. Along with Nepalese people from the UK, the US, Hong Kong, India’s Darjeeling, and Burma are coming here. This year, 62 people living abroad returned from Sukatars airport to Faktanglung.

people will experience the spectacular view of Small and big Lakes, the green hills and the Himalayas. Those who have been here had also performed the Maha Ashtam for three days. Some have been living fast since the day they left. Sacrifices should not be sacrificed here. Naivedas are used for worship, such as flowers, fruits, Naivedas, betel nut, and abir.

Mount Kumbbakarna Expedition

Day 01: Arrival Kathmandu & transfer to hotel
Day 02: Climbing preparation – Kumbhakarna
Day 03: Expedition brief  tourism  department
 Day 04: Fly to Badrapur and drive  to Suketar
Day 05: Trek Suketar to Lali Khark –
Day 06: Trek Lali Kharka to Khewan
Day 07: Trek Khewan to Yamphudin
Day 08: Yamphudin to Amje Khola
Day 09: Trek Amje Khola-Torontan
Day 10: Trek Torontan to Tseram
Day 11: Trek Tseram to Ramje
Day 12: Ramje-rest acclimatization
Day 13: Trek Ramje to the glacier
Day 14: Glacier- Kumbhakarna
 Day 14-37: Climbing Kumbhakarna
Day 38: Trek Base Camp to Ramje
Day 39: Trek Ramje to Amje Khole
Day 40: Trek Amije to Yamphudin
Day 41: Trek Yamphuding- Khewang
Day 42: Trek Khewang- Lali Kharka
Day 43: Lali Kharka to Suketar, transfer
Day 44: Fly  to   Biratnagar & Kathmandu- hotel
Day 45: Transfer to  airport  for  final  departure

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