Kalika Bhagwati (Baglung)

The Kalika BhagwatiTemple of Baglung is a famous Shaktipeeth of Nepal.  Thousands of visitors will come from neighboring India and other countries.  Kalika Bhagwati has an important place in Hinduism.

It is believed that the worship of Kalika Bhagavati is worshiped to gain power.  Kalika has been saying that she worships Bhagwati and worships her.

 When and how was the Kalika Bhagwati temple built?

King Pratap Narayan Malla of the mountain, He was crowned king in 1959 Bs.  He was married in 1909 BS to the daughter of Mani Mukundsen, King of Palpa.  At the time of marriage, the daughter of the goddess had also brought her with her as a dowry.

After bringing up the mountain from the Palpa, the goddess Dali is not present at the place where the temple is raised and after raising it. the royal palace has established a temple in this place and arranged for worship.

Ritual worship has been occurring twice a year in the past and tenth decade.  The rituals are offered on a Punchbali.

  •   goat
  • Buffalo
  •  pigs
  • poultry
  • pigeons

Devotees, wishing to fulfill their various desires, perform puja, offer gold, sacrifice goat, poultry, cane, etc.

The temple is located in Baglung Municipality-4.  To the east and south, Kathkhola, to the west, Baglung Bazar to the west and to the north, the temple is built in a panoramic view of the  Kaligandaki River.

Around the temple, there is a view surrounded by large trees of sal, salvo, shouting, etc. In the temple premises, there are six stalks, 3 stone statues and 3 copper lamps placed on the wall around the temple.  In the seventies, worshiping, singing psalms, devotees dwell, Jagram lives.

Hours have been hung around the temple by various individuals and organizations.  The names and dates of the rider appear at these hours.  As you enter through the main gate of the temple, you can see that there is a continuous tunnel to the right and a large city to the left.

The morning rituals are performed during the morning worship.  When you enter from there, there is a pavilion with a length of 3 feet and a width of 3 feet.  Inside the same temple, the statue of Bhagwati of Baglung Kali, which is not visible to the eye, has been kept underground since its inception.

Shivalinga and Ganesha have also been set up next to the temple.  To the west and north of the temple, separate places for sacrificing goats, poultry, pigs, buffalos, and pigeons have been arranged.

Kalika Bhagwati


There are four doors in each of the four sides of the temple.  The east side door does not open.  The door has been closed, saying that the serpent will be born and there will be danger of evil. During the renovation of the temple, It was believed that such a door would open in 1949

There is a ‘Kalika Bhagwati Guthi Governing Committee’ to conduct the worship, preservation, maintenance and other necessary arrangements of the temple of Kalika Bhagwati.  The establishment of the temple as a priesthood for conducting worship has been found especially since the time of the Khadka (Chhetri).

From the middle of the jungle in the temple, there is a path to the river Kaligandaki.  There is steam coming in that way.  It has been said that Kalika Bhagwati goes to the tiger for bathing every night at midnight.

Some women who stay awake at night also share the feeling of being seen riding a goddess tiger.  It is also believed that the princess would get a direct vision of the goddess.

 Belief in fulfilling desires

Visitors from all over the country reach Baglung to pay a visit to Baglung Kalika.  Visitors who visit the famous religious place Muktinath on the road will visit the Bhagwati of Baglung Kalika.

Every Tuesday, Saturday and Ashtami, on various dates, auspicious work is done by the Brahmins at the Goddess’s place.  Dozens of Brahmins and others can be seen sitting around the temple for worship.

In the Bhagwati temple of Baglung Kalika, there is a festival of pilgrimage throughout the year, except during the month of Magh and Sarban.  Locals say that the crowds of visitors are less during these two months as there is no offering at the temple during the month of Magh and Sarban.

There has been a belief that the devotees who come from different walks of life with faith in Baglung Kali will get their wish.

Those who visit the temple, especially those who do not have sons, have children, proper marriage for those who are not married, have been believed to be successful in exams.

Devotees wish to visit Kali Bhagwati, wishing for various blessings like passing in public service, recruiting in domestic and foreign forces, foreign employment, promotion of jobs, success in work, victory in the case, disease-free, business success, peace in the family, loss of wealth, return of lost property, etc.  And, there is a belief that Goddess Bhagwati will fulfill her wishes accordingly.

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