How to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal ?


Driving Licence is an essential thing to drive any kinds of od vehicle in Nepal. If you are a Nepali or foreigner, traveller or officer, leader or public all people need to have a licence to drive. Not only the Licence is enough to drive in the roads of Nepal, but you also need to have much experience. Because the roads of Nepal are very narrow and the pressure of vehicles is very high. So the Transport office of Nepal gives one year of the trial period after getting a licence. within the one year period if you do any small mistake in the road your licence will be cancelled. if you drive nicely until one year, after that your licence will not be cancelled in a small mistake like lane cross, red light cross, side light etc. here I’m teaching you the Procedure to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal.

The process to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal

  1. Fill up Online Form to apply for driving licence in Nepal
  2. participate  for Biometric and Eye test
  3. participate in the Written Exam
  4. Participate in trial exam
  5. Pay tax
  6. collect Licence

Fill the online form

the first process to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal is to fill up the online form. The online forms are available at the official website of Nepal Yatayat office DOTM. when you will open that website, you can see a form option on the menu bar then press it. after pressing on the form option a new window will be open and there will be a form to fill. But when you open the website you can face some problem to open it. many times that site will be down because of a lot of traffic at the same time. these problems seem only for the few days of open the Driving licence after a long time.

After submit detail requires for Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal, you will be redirected to the confirmation page.  Don’t forget to print the confirmation page, because you need to submit that page with your original citizenship card in the DOTM office. within some minutes of summit the online driving licence form, you will get a message in your mobile from DOTM office. In that message, you will get a confirmation number and office visiting date. The date of the visit is mentioned in confirmation page you need to visit DOTM office with your original citizenship card, the card of your blood group and Confirmation page that you had printed after fill up the driving licence online form.

Participate  for Biometric and Eye test

The DOTM office will open at 10:00 am, but you need to go early in the morning. Because there will a long queue of people from 6:00 am morning and there is not any token system to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal.  On that day, when your turn comes the staff of the office will call you for Biometric. They will take your photo and check detail about you in the citizenship card and the confirmation page. If the detail that you submit is correct they will give you a code number and sent for an eye test.

In the eye test section, they will collect your Blood group report and show some pictures with numbers to test your eyes. if you give the correct answer they will mark you as your eyes are good.

source: internet

Participate in the Written Exam

after complete the eye test, you need to go to paying counter for pay Rs. 500 for the written exam. the next morning of bill pay, they will call you for the written exam which will be held in some collage at 11:am. they will give you a question paper with 20 questions. you don’t need to write anything, just tick on the correct answer. Among the 20 questions, you need to tick on the correct option in 10 questions to pass in the exam. the result of the written exam will public on the same day at 5: 00 pm. if you passed on the exam you can attend the trial exam the next day.

Participate in trial exam

Once you passed in the written exam, the next day you can participate in the trial exam. there also you need to stay in the queue. (if you are a bike rider the first stape of the trial is wearing your helmet and tide the helmet warp nicely. Don’t forget to put your bike stand up). then drive in the 8 shapes. you need to drive in 8 shapes 1.5 times then exit towards a zebra crossing. in the Zebra crossing if you see there is a green signal you need to move without stopping in Zebra crossing. But if there is a yellow or red signal before reach Zebra crossing you need to stop your vehicle before the zebra crossing (attention: while stopping in the zebra crossing never touch the line of the zebra crossing, otherwise you will mark as fail).

if you successfully cross the red light there will have a turning. in the turning don’t forget to on the sidelight. After turning you will arrive in an Uphill road and you need to stop there without touching front and backline. if you success on the uphill stopping point you will arrive at Downhill road and there also you need to stop without touching any boundary line. then you will arrive at parking and they said you are passed.

Pay tax

After you passed in the trial, the last and final stape to Apply for Driving Licence In Nepal is visiting the DOTM office to pay Rs. 1500 tax after 10 days of trial. the amount of Rs. 1500 is for a new driving licence and for add category you need to paly just Rs. 500. when you pay the tax you will get a slip and until your licence will not be printed you can drive a vehicle with using that slip. then you will get your smart licence within 5-6 month.


Way to get information about your Driving Licence

  • for check the result of written examination

go to the message box in your mobile and type WT<space>Applicaton ID to 31003

  • to check the information about your licence print

go to the message box in your mobile and type LC<space>Applicant ID to 31003

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