Discover a trip ! The new way of travel

a new way of travel

The success of my travel/trip was very difficult.  This was not even the case when crossing the Larke Bhanjyang heights more than five thousand meters high.  Larke had not crossed Lipulek beyond Tibet, even to Tibet.

Many years ago a new way of travel was invented.  But even so far, this method has not been so popular.  There seems to be no other place in the world, but not so much in Nepal. This way of travel is very attractive.  Its inventor thought – be it rich, wealthy, poor, young or old, living in summer or all living in winter, it is tempting to travel.

This kind of travel does not have to cost money.  The inventor thinks that everyone should pay attention to this matter.  For this reason, people with moderate incomes should appreciate this way of travel.

It is for this reason that another class people, the rich people should praise such a trip.  Its inventor says that by making such a journey, the patient can also enjoy great happiness.  You do not have to be cold on such trips.  No need to suffer from the heat and sometimes even frost.

For those who are scared to travel to other sectors, this kind of travel is even more useful for people.  Because there is ‘no danger at all’ on such a journey, its inventor hopes that after learning about this method, thousands of people who have not yet dared to travel and who do not think that they should travel will be able to do so.

Already discovered, I learned about this new way of travel when it had been three months since I was unable to walk properly because of Back pain.  On the way to the treatment center about 100 meters away from home, I had to be tired in two or three places.  Walking about three inches across the road and about four inches in height, I had to climb.  To do this, I had to muster up a great deal of courage.  At that time, I used to curse the custom of making boxes on the road.

I was jealous when I saw the other people walk with shaking their hands, moving their whole body and walking fast,  I said to myself, why they are being over smart? It’s okay to walk slowly withing moving hands like me.

Walking by car was difficult for me.  Riding a motorcycle didn’t possibly matter.  One of the doctors I met advised me on the style of order – don’t ride a motorcycle and don’t Look towards those people who are in a motorcycle.

At this point, I remember the inventor of this trip saying, ‘the people who cannot spend time alone in the secluded world, he would be so sad and helpless’.There was no point in disagreeing with such a person who enjoys traveling.  The only thing was – how to travel at such a time?’Oh! sad, sick, tired man!  Come follow me … O lazy!  Get up, walk.  Travel! ”The inventor told me the same thing, and I became more eager to learn his way of travel. He invented this way in 1949.  For a few years, only a few people knew about this invention.  Such a journey became public after his book was published in 1959.

The book is titled ‘Voyage Our Dama Sambar’ and is authored by Sylvia the Maestra.  This book was written in French.  It appears to have been printed for the first time in English in 1829.  Since then many have translated it, published by different publishers: ‘Voyage around my room’, ‘Journey around my room’, etc.

This book is also popular, contemporary and useful today.  So it was republished three to four years ago.

As the name implies, this is a trip to his room by Sylvia.  His journey was forty-two days long while he was locked up in his room.

His style of travel and travel narration was unique.  He writes, ‘According to Father Beccaria’s measure, my room is located at 48° east latitude.  It extends east-west.  To walk from one wall to the other, you have to walk 36 steps. ‘

After not even taking a single step for three consecutive days, I had the opportunity to copy the trip to Sylvia.

I started this journey with great enthusiasm at Annapurna Neuro Hospital, Maitighar, in the middle of Kathmandu.  One, two, three…  After walking twelve steps straight ahead, my walkway blocked the wall.  One step left and after turning twelve, I came to my bed.  My trip was successfully completed.

None of the trips I’ve done before have been so exciting.  They did not have to worry about whether the trip would be a success or not.  The success of my trip was very difficult.  This was not even the case when crossing the Larke Bhanjyang, heights more than five thousand meters high.  Larke had not crossed Lipulek beyond Tibet, even to Tibet.

I was so happy with the success of this trip that I travel to the hospital. I wasn’t happy like this while traveled to Mansarovar.  My family was happy that I was able to travel successfully.  The doctors who made my trip were just as happy.  From my successful trip, they have proven that the surgery they performed three days ago has not worsened.  It turned out that I could walk.


I had never been on any of these trips before I was ready to travel.  The nurse came in the morning to travel.  She checked my blood pressure, temperature.  Then she gave me a long description of the method of travel: how before she started the journey, how would she raise the back of my head, how my wife would lower my foot from the bed, how I should fall with my feet, then how to straighten my body.


Sylvia has come up with a long way to go even short distances.  It’s like, ‘I don’t walk straight from wall to wall.  Right and left, I walk wherever I want … I go to a corner from my table.  From there I grab the splash path and head towards the door.  Though I was thinking of coming back to the table when I started walking, I would be there immediately if I found a chair on the way. ‘

That day, I was unable to replicate this freewheeling trip to Sylvia, I was not allowed to walk to Bangotango.

But in the past few days, I’ve traveled a step farther than Sylvie.  In the hospital room.  Not even in the room in the bed.

I had nothing to do in my bed.  I was not allowed to work for anything, even turning to one side from another side while sleeping. For doing so, I had to tell the person who was taking care of me.  She had to tell the nurse.  Then the nurse and the person who made the turn to me with the help of a bed stretch without my body being pushed.  There was nothing to wake up from.  So I used to go out with my mind only.

Yesterday morning I was awakened by the sound of the horses walk in the pitch road. I had followed the horses and We arrived at the South Gate of Singha Durbar, scattering the foggy morning in the morning due to the rain.  From there, we reached Bhadrakali and stopped there.

On the way, I had no inconvenience.  But with green cap horsemen, I could not get up and down, just like a horseman with his horse moves.  Even when horseback riding was practiced in Tundikhel, I sat and see.

Horseback riding is of paramount importance in battles around the world.  But in the 200 years after the Sugauli Treaty, did Nepal’s horsemen have to fight?  While cheering and celebrating festivals, horseback riding has the most value today.

Both horses and horsemen were out of Tundikhel after a sweaty sweat two or four times in the winter.  I followed them too.  When I arrived at the hospital, I left them.  They opened the gate of Nepal Cavalry, a little northwest of the hospital.

Even when I was tired of my morning commute, I was free.  So, in bed, I looked out the window to the north.  An eagle was flying over the blue sky and past it.  Sometimes using wings and sometimes eating kava.

If I could get up from the bed and see the mountain, not the blue sky behind the eagle. such as Langtang, Ghang Chimpu and Dorje Lakpa.  This winter, the mountains from Kathmandu were more bright than ever.  They weren’t that far.  How far is it to be 60 kilometers?

Eight months ago, I reached the bottom of the mountain.  On that trip, my goal was to go to the same path I had walked there seventeen years ago, to stay on the same stone where I had laid my feet, to stay at the house where I had lived/had dinner, to meet the person I had met.  A 2015 earthquake did not satisfy my desire.  In some places, there is no path that I had walked before.  Too many stones had lost which I had found before. I cannot find some houses where I used to stay before.  Some were not even villages.  Some of the people I met earlier have passed away.  Some were hit by earthquakes.

There is no legal way to get out of your living room in a new way of travel, invented by Sylvia.  But I corrected it, and I spent some days in the hospital repeating the long-haul trip I had made some time ago to the Lantang mountain.

Sybivi writes with great confidence in his book, ‘Not one of the people born on this planet has ever met a man who rejects this new way of travel I invented after reading my book.’

Yes Sylvia, the person who enjoyed the old fashioned journey also found the new journey you invented helpful.  Your book relieved me of eight or nine months of not being able to travel the old ways.  Being able to travel the new way you suggested, I didn’t have to worry about being unable to travel.  Thank you very much

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