Chandragiri Hills

Nepal is that country which has many things and places to attract tourists from all over the world. Many beautiful places are in Nepal to make your journey memorable. in my View, Nepal is the best destination for Trekking, mountaineering, study about Hindu and Buddhist culture, and Adventure. In this article, I’m going to inform about the most popular place to visit Near Kathmandu ‘ Chandragiri Hills ‘

Chandragiri Hills

Chandragiri Hills is one of the best places to short term travel in Nepal at the height of 2547 meters above from the sea level. This destination is  21 kilometers far from The Tribhuvan International Airport and 7 kilometers away from Thankot. from 2015 this Chandragiri Hills is being the best place to visit in Nepal. This hill gets many awards from many national and international companies as a best to visit in the year. The program of the 14th anniversary of ‘international hospitality and Travel’  held in New Delhi India was awarded Chandragiri Hills as a top best destination in Nepal.

from this hill, people can see the  Kathmandu valley, Annapurna range,  Mt.Everest and more famous place of Nepal. According to the history of Nepal, once the former king of Gorkha ‘ Prithivi Narayan Shaha ‘ had gone to visit Nuwakot. when he was in the Chandragiri Hills he saw a beautiful valley of Kritipur . when he saw the valley he thought about to attack Kathmandu valley and make it under him. so by this history, I’m going to inform you that you can see the beautiful views of the whole Kathmandu valley.

To go to the Chandragiri hill you need to ride on Cabel Car for 10 minutes inside the cloud in the sky. almost time There are Fog and clouds at the top of the hills. there also have a motorway to go to the hill but it is not open for tourists. At the top of the Chandragiri hills, there is a great temple of Lord Shiva ‘Bhaleshwor temple’.

The attraction of Chandragiri Hills

  • Cabel Car
  • View Tower
  • Children’s Park
  • Chandragiri shopping
  • Horse Ride
  • Chandragiri Hills resort

Cabel Car

The cable car is the first attraction in Chandragiri. to go to the hills you need to travel 10 minutes via Cable care from the bottom of the Hill. The cable car will go through the Fog and clouds in the sky. when you are in the Cable car in Chandragiri you feel you are losing in the Sky.

The one-way length of the Cable car is about 2.5 kilometers. you start the Travel in the Cable car from the Godam, Thankot and travel through the green and foggy forest.


chandragiri hills

View Tower

The view tower is located at a height of 2547 meters from the sea level. the view tower will give you the beautiful views of Kathmandu Valley, Annapurna Snow range, Mount Everest, jugal mountain, etc.

Children’s Park

The Chandragiri hills for all ages. everyone can visit Chandragiri. there is a playground also for your small and young child. there is exciting equipment like climbing ropes, swings, slides, seesaw, and jungle gym in the park to make your children happy.

Chandragiri shopping

The bottom and top stations both houses souvenir shops that are home to a variety of clothing brands and cultural merchandise which is reasonably-priced and are perfect mementos of your visit. There is also a toy store that makes sure your kids are amused.

Horse Ride

you and your children also can ride a horse for additional enjoyment at the top of the Chandragiri peak. you can ride the horse, take a photo with the horse, etc.

Chandragiri Hills resort

The company of Chandragiri hills has established a great luxurious resort at the top of the hills. this resort looks like a five-star hotel. because of this hotel, the visitor can spend someday in this Hills.

the specification of Chandragiri Resorts ;

  • 100 rooms resorts with Boutique
  • interactive Natural History Exhibits
  • Paragliding
  • Zipline Adventure park

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