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Hello, I’m Atit Sharma ( admin of this site ). I’m from Pokhara Nepal. I’m 25 years old and I had finished GTT ( Graduate in Travel and Tourism ) from New Delhi, India. I’m familiar with the cultures and tourism of Nepal and India.

My Journey

Blogger is my Hobby. when I passed SLC ( school leaving certificate ), I want to study Information Technology ( IT ). But because of the financial condition, I had to go to the tourism sector. When I was studying in college, I got many chances to visit many places in Nepal, India, Bhutan, and Tibet with my friends. In my view, Travelling is a risky game. because when you are traveling you never know what will happen later. almost travel and tours are enjoyable but some situations can make you crazy and unforgettable.

So I also have a lot of memory on my tours. some of them are very exciting and some are very painful. I had to face many difficulties while travelling such as mobile Network, Mobile Battery charge, lack of drinking water, not enough oxygen on mountain regions, Landslide, snow slide, money stolen by thieves, etc.

Now, I realized that, the problems which I face while travelling was because of lack of knowledge and careless. So the main aim of this blog site is to give real information about tourism to the traveller and because of my post they can easily face such problem while travelling.

Finally: We Are Here To Give You the most recent Articles About travelling, trekking, tourism, and Hotels. In This Site, You Can Discover Diverse composes Articles Based on Classifications. we want to make your travell fun, easy and memorable

In This Site, You Will Get All that You Requirement For yours. Simply Ask for Us what you need. What’s more, Get in touch with Us For Notice Or Sponsorship.