places to visit in Makwanpur

places to visit in Makwanpur

Makwanpur is the best destination for tourists in Nepal. It has only 50 kilometers from Kathmandu. Taha municipality and Indrasarovar village are in the northern area of ​​Makwanpur, these places are developing as a center of economic activity and a tourist destination. More recently, the northern area of ​​Makwanpur has also been taken forward as a tourist hub for tourists coming to Kathmandu as it is closer to Kathmandu. there are many places to visit in Makwanpur such as the Chitlang-Thankot Tunnel route, Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology, Indrasarovar lake, Daman, Palung, Chitlang village, etc.

The Northern Territory, now known as a tourist destination. The Taha municipality and Indrasarovar villages are growing as an alternative to Kathmandu. Makawanpur as the tourism destination is growing more than ever before. Taha municipality and Indrasarovar municipality have been promoted as an alternative to Kathmandu as the settlements and population of Kathmandu are increasing. The following destinations in Makwanpur will be the best attraction in Nepal’s tourism year 2020.

Things to attract tourist in Makwanpur

  • Chitlang-Thankot Tunnel route
  • Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology
  • Indrasarovar lake
  • Makawanpur Gadhi
  • Daman, Palung, Chitlang village
  • Kulekhani Dam
  • Gumba Danda

Chitlang-Thankot Tunnel route

The federal government is making final preparations to construct a tunnel to connect Chitlang and Thankot in the municipality of Makwanpur. Once the tunnel route is made, Chitlang reaches half an hour from Kathmandu. so Makwanpur is known as an alternative of Kathmandu

Due to the tunnel route, economic activity will increase and it will also be easy to visit Chitlang and Taha municipality from Kathmandu. The tunnel’s route could be developed as a financially viable destination.

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology

Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology will be built in the Taha municipality of Makwanpur. Municipality Mayor Lavasher Bista said that land was also sufficient for Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology.

The Madan Bhandari University, which has given priority by the policies, programs, and budget of the Government of Nepal, has already agreed to discuss and study the infrastructure development of the University. After the university is built, it can be a good option for students across the country.

Up to four thousand students can study at this university. For the infrastructure committee, Rs. 1 billion has been allocated in the financial year 2018. The University will come into operation from 2020 after the bill is implemented. The committee is working to establish a contact office in Sainbu, Lalitpur.

The university is set to open with the aim of producing new knowledge and technology, capable of producing the best manpower, scientists and thinkers of the country.

Without the development of science and technology, advanced economy and modern nation-building are not possible. Therefore, the government has proposed to establish Madan Bhandari University of Science and Technology as a specialized University of world-class studies and research in this area. The University will focus on subjects and areas including science and technology, humanities and social sciences, administration, law, and justice.

Indrasarovar Lake

places to visit in Makwanpur


Indrasarovar of Makwanpur has been selected as one of the best tourist destinations of the 13 districts of the province. Indrasarovar has been promoted as a tourist destination of state 3.

Indusarovar has been allocated a budget of Rs. 10 million. Similarly, the government of the province has been planning to develop Indrasarovar as a tourist destination.

the federal government’s Ministry of Tourism has chosen a province as a tourist destination. Similarly, three places of Makawanpur have been selected while choosing one hundred tourist areas across the country. Daman of Makwanpur, Makwanpurgardi and Fakhel Maitri Park of Indrasarovar were selected.

Daman, Palung, Chitlang

Located in the Taha municipality of Makwanpur, Simvanjiang, Daman, Palung, Chitlang, are known as tourist areas. Local and foreign tourists also visit the area, said, locals.

The number of tourists visiting the municipality has increased in recent times, said Mayor of the municipality Lavasher Bista. Roads from Kathmandu to Chitlang, Palung and other places are being upgraded and developed.

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